Anthony Brady/Mr. Bordeaux is an actor, singer, writer, and director. Affectionately known as Satchmo, he is undisputedly the the world's best Louis Armstrong impersonator leaving audiences in the U.S. and Abroad spellbound. Anthony wore the role of Satchmo in the Las Vegas MAM Show, a parody pairing Marilyn Monroe, Louis Armstrong, and Mom's Mabley.  He performed brilliantly in Social Issues Theatre's Ten Minutes of Truth on Racism. Here are some of his incredible acting and directing moments:

The Amen Corner,  Pushkin Forever (Life of Alexandre Pushkin)  Directed:  A Raisin in the Sun, The Meeting, Director/Actor Two Trains Running, The Willow Building, Writer, Director and Actor My Beautiful Country (A One Man Biography of Satchmo), Fences, Love Song for Ms Lydia, Miss Rainey's Black Bottom, and Director Writer, Judges (The Book of The Old Testament)                   


Niya Rivera/Hadleigh:.

I was cast as "Star" in the gripping production of "The Grip." I became part of the Las Vegas Movie Tours, where I portrayed Nomi from "Showgirls," and explored the realms of the supernatural in "Ghosts Don't Cry," contributing both as an actor and makeup artist. I have engaged with audiences as an emcee for events like Non-Stop Hip Hop and Glam

As a fine artist I played a pivotal role in shaping the Mayors Gallery, advocating for women's suffrage, and have left my artistic signature at City Hall's Grand Gallery through the "Lead with Love - Gracie's Place and HopeLink" project, a piece that has journeyed throughout Las Vegas.

My work has been featured in notable publications such as Luxury Magazine for Southern Highlands, the Review Journal, Nevada Business Magazine, and Magazine Ascaya,. 




Tyler Rhea/Tony the Handyman: 

Actor, Signer, Songwriter, Reality TV Star! Tyler grew up in the neighborhood of Mount Vernon in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio would be where he stared in multiple plays from Cinderella (as Prince Charming) , Jungle Book (as Rudyard Kipling & Mouglie) , The Wiz (Tin Man) , Way Out West (as Sheriff Dewight) & Little Shop of Horrors (as Seymour). In 2013 Tyler moved to Las Vegas and had a role in the Big Screen Box Office Hit “THINK LIKE A MAN TOO”. Since then he has transitioned into Reality TV in the Zeus Network Show JOSELINE’S CABARET LAS VEGAS which sees VH1’s breakout star Joseline Hernandez from LOVE & HIP-HOP: ATLANA take young girls off the streets and give them a platform to better themselves in the world of entertainment and dance. Now having a role in the new stage play THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WAS as the character “TONY”  Tyler still continues to pursue his love of acting! 


Washeta Gaither/Yahvette has been acting for over 20 years. Washita played Grace in the musical HONK and Ebony James in Six No Uptown. Washita studied acting at the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles, California. There, she was trained in the Meisner technique. Washita also studied improv, voice acting, as well as film acting at AMDA.

In her free time, Washita enjoys traveling, hiking, and trying new foods. She believes laughter is the best medicine, so you will likely find her watching a comedy. She has been studying Spanish for ten years.

David Dendy/Pastor David Dendy The Reverend David Dendy currently serves as Senior Pastor of the Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. When asked what it’s like to be a Pastor in “Sin City”, David’s response is quick, “Job security!”

“The Wonderful World of Was” is Dendy’s first foray into the performative arts. A long time fan of live theater, Dendy’s performance in this amazing cast is a dream come true.
Along with being a real life Pastor, Dendy can also be found performing Stand-Up Comedy as America’s Funniest Pastor. His mantra in life is, “Laugh often and Fear not!” and he intends to live out his life in such a lively manner.

Dendy is the author of fifteen books, the latest of which is, “Laugh often and Fear not! - A biblical perspective on how ‘laughing often leads to fearless laughing.’”

Dendy is a big fan of the game of tennis and enjoys playing competitively three to four times a week.
At home Dendy is blessed to married to the best Physical Therapist on the planet - Julie Dendy, who works at a rehab hospital in Henderson, Nevada.

Dendy and Julie are blessed to have two wonderful children, Faith (a freshman at Grand Canyon University) and Joshua (a senior at Palo Verde High School, Las Vegas). The miracle of these two children is that they are only five months apart in age. Yes indeed, God has a fabulous sense of humor!


Garrett Pattiani & Synergy Haus have become synonymous
Garrett Pattiani is a Nevada native and an expert in LGBTQ events, media, nightlife, and hospitality. He is an activist for social justice, mainly focusing on advocating for marginalized communities' rights and equal treatment. As co-owner of QVegas Magazine, he serves a vital role in the Las Vegas LGBTQ+ community and supports multiple LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS charities.. He has collaborated with the Palms on their LGBTQ+ initiatives and events and is the co-producer of GLAM, along with his partner Tommy Bassett. Synergy Haus is an event production company dedicated to creating unique and unforgettable experiences. 

L.A. Walker is well-versed in staging theatrical performances across various venues in Las Vegas, from theaters to churches, offices, and even a tennis court. She has gained recognition for her skills in both writing and producing, with some of her notable works including "Six No Uptown," "No Labels," "The M.A.M Show," "Jesus Saves," "Ten Minutes of Truth/Racism," and "The Strong Shoulders Awards Show." In contrast to her previous fictional narratives, "The Wonderful World of Was" is a story that unfolds from the collective experiences of caring for her partner and the collaborative efforts of her co-writer, Marcia Norris, in the daily care of her own mother. Sadly, L.A.'s spouse, Terry, passed away in June 2020 due to complications stemming from Lewy Body Dementia, all amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.